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The documentary deals with an upcoming global issue: eldery poverty. In Korea almost 50% of over 65 years old live in relative poverty. During her exchange semester in Seoul the filmmaker tried to work with the poor elders who are collecting recycling material to make a living. Even though she couldn’t make any good connection to the elders, she started to search for the reasons why so many elders have to struggel in a high developed enviroment.

This documentary will be submitted to film festivals. Watch the trailer below to get an overview or get in touch with me to see the whole film. Thank you!


Jasnaja Poljana – the bright glade. This is the name of the enchanted small village in russia. The last visit of her grandmother tempt the filmmaker to reflect her own childhood and to portrait the village in a essayistic way.

Played at the CROSSING EUROPE FESTIVAL 2017 at the section local artist.

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